Location: Willem II Stadium, Tilburg

Date: 17 June 2022

Please consult the detailed programme [PDF] with full information about rooms here.

The program-at-a-glance:

08:30 – 09:30Registration
09:30 – 10:50Morning session
10:50 – 11:15Coffee/tea break
11:15 – 12:00Keynote 1: Anna Rogers (University of Copenhagen)
12:00 – 12:30Lunch
12:30 – 13:30Poster session #1
13:30 – 14:50Afternoon session #1
14:50 – 15:50Coffee/tea break + Poster session #2
15:50 – 16:30Afternoon session #2
16:30 – 17:00Panel discussion
17:00 – 17:45Keynote 2: Jan-Willem van de Meent (University of Amsterdam)
17:45 – 19:00Reception at Willem II Stadium

List of accepted papers with abstracts, split per session:

Morning session (09:30-10:50):

Ali Hürriyetoğlu and Marieke van ErpA preliminary analysis of transformers for historical text processing beyond performance metrics [abstract]
Thierry Desot, Orphée De Clercq and Veronique HosteA Hybrid Knowledge and Transformer-Based Model for Event Detection with Automatic Self-Attention Threshold and Layer Selection [abstract]
Martin Reynaert, Arianna Betti and Jesse de DoesCollected Works: corpora for philosophers [abstract]
Niels de Jong and Gosse BoumaBERT-Based Transformer Fine-Tuning for Dutch WikiData Question-Answering [abstract]
Anna Wegmann and Dong NguyenDoes It Capture STEL? Towards a Modular and Content-Controlled Linguistic Style Evaluation Benchmark [abstract]
Lara Verheyen, Jérôme Botoko Ekila, Jens Nevens, Paul Van Eecke and Katrien BeulsHybrid Procedural Semantics for Visual Dialogue [abstract]
Mario Giulianelli, Arabella Sinclair and Raquel FernándezAnalysing Human Strategies of Information Transmission as a Function of Discourse Context [abstract]
Hans Van Halteren and Jorrit VisserNew meets old: Word Sense Disambiguation with Embeddings [abstract]
Bo Molenaar, Cristian Tejedor-García, Catia Cucchiarini and Helmer StrikExploring automating accuracy assessment of children’s oral reading [abstract]
Robin Peeters, Akos Steger, Gerda Bruinsma, Catia Cucchiarini and Helmer StrikUsing acoustic analyses of SLI children speech to study the effect of Language Interaction Therapy [abstract]
Jens Nevens, Jonas Doumen, Paul Van Eecke and Katrien BeulsA Computational Model of Language Acquisition through Intention Reading and Pattern Finding [abstract]
Na Wei and Shenghui WangA novel textual data augmentation method for identifying comparative text from user-generated content [abstract]
Vincent Vandeghinste, Bob Van Dyck, Mathieu De Coster and Maud GoddefroyA corpus for training Sign Language Recognition and Translation: The Belgian Federal COVID-19 Video Corpus [abstract]
Martha Larson, Javier Martínez Rodríguez, Mark Wijkhuizen and Onno CrasbornConceptualizations of similarity as a bridge between computer vision and sign language [abstract]
Britt van Gemert, Richard Cokart, Lyke Esselink, Maartje de Meulder, Nienke Sijm and Floris RoelofsenSigning avatars for railway travel announcements in the Netherlands – Initial results [abstract]
Aditya Parikh, Louis ten Bosch, Henk Van den Heuvel and Cristian Tejedor-GarcíaDesign principles of an Automatic Speech Recognition functionality in a user-centric signed and spoken language translation system [abstract]

Poster session #1 (12:30 – 13:30):

Yliana Rodríguez, Luis Chiruzzo and Santiago GóngoraThe challenges of creating a corpus of minority languages and its dialects in Natural Language Processing: the case of the South American indigenous language Guarani [abstract]
Sarah A. M. Bosscha, Tessel E. Haagen, Richard A. Koetschruyter, Loïs M. Dona and Beatriz Zamith CastroVerb Phrase Ellipsis: Identifying Verb-Subject Dependencies Using a Probe Model [abstract]
Jonas Doumen, Katrien Beuls and Paul Van EeckeModelling Language Acquisition through Syntactico-Semantic Pattern Finding on Semantically Annotated Corpora [abstract]
Anouck Braggaar, Gabriëlla Martijn, Christine Liebrecht, Charlotte van Hooijdonk, Emiel van Miltenburg, Florian Kunneman, Emiel Krahmer, Hans Hoeken and Hedwig te MolderSmooth operators. Development and effects of personalized conversational AI. [abstract]
Vincent Vandeghinste and Oliver GuhrPunctuation and Segmentation Prediction for Dutch with Transformers [abstract]
Xiao Zhang and Suzan VerberneCLS-concat: combining document-level and sentence-level representations for more effective stance detection [abstract]
Pranaydeep Singh, Ayla Rigouts Terryn and Els LefeverDomain-Specific Alignment of Embeddings to improve Zero/Low-Shot Performance on Biomedical NLP Tasks [abstract]
Denise de Waard, Jelte van Waterschoot and Mariët TheuneUser Preferences of Conditional versus Unconditional Grounding in Spoken Dialogue Systems [abstract]
Tommy Pieterse, Hans van Halteren and Roeland van HoutMapping n-deletion in Dutch using Twitter location data [abstract]
Gabriele Sarti and Arianna BisazzaInDeep x NMT: Empowering Human Translators via Interpretable Neural Machine Translation [abstract]
Miryam de LhoneuxNot all zero-shot settings are created equal in multilingual NLP [abstract]
Erkan Basar, Divyaa Balaji and Linwei HeLook Who’s Talking: A multidisciplinary project for developing engaging long-term conversational chatbots for health promotion [abstract]
Shantanu Nath, Gosse Minnema and Tommaso Caselli“Je gaat het pas zien als je het doorhebt”: Entity-centric Event Sequences to Highlight Perspectives [abstract]
Andriy Kosar, Guy De Pauw and Walter DaelemansUnsupervised text classification with neural word embeddings [abstract]
Murad Bozik and Suzan VerberneAspect-Based Sentiment Analysis on Dutch Patient Experience Survey Data [abstract]
Martijn van der KlisAssessing word complexity client-side [abstract]
Remi van Trijp, Katrien Beuls and Paul Van EeckeThe FCG Editor: An Integrated Development Environment for Computational Construction Grammars [abstract]
Konstantinos Kogkalidis and Gijs WijnholdsDiscontinuous Constituency and BERT: A Case Study of Dutch [abstract]
Willeke van der Varst and Giovanni CassaniComputational approaches to study systematicity in word learning [abstract]
Matilde Basilicati, Merle Beaujon, Jelena Prokic, Stephan Raaijmakers and Daan VosRegister Adaptivity for Conversational AI [abstract]
Javad Pourmostafa Roshan Sharami, Elena Murgolo and Dimitar ShterionovQuality Estimation for the Translation Industry – Data Challenges [abstract]
Ineke Schuurman, Vincent Vandeghinste, Caro Brosens, Margot Janssens and Thierry DeclerckWordNets? SignNets! [abstract]
Kristiyan Hristov and Dimitar ShterionovInvestigating End-to-end Approaches for NGT-to-Dutch Machine Translation [abstract]
Gosse Minnema, Sara Gemelli, Chiara Zanchi, Tommaso Caselli and Malvina NissimFamily Tragedy or Gender-Based Violence: Towards an Automatic Observatory of Femicide Reporting in the Dutch Press [abstract]
Frank Van EyndeUsing annotated corpora for syntactic research on Dutch [abstract]
Johan Bos, Cristian Marocico, Yasmin Mzayek and Emin TatarTowards Automatically Interpreting Dutch Tombstone Inscriptions [abstract]
Michael Bauwens, Peter Vanbrabant and José TummersLimitations of the entropy measure in n-gram language modelling [abstract]
Tim Van de CruysThe Automatic Generation of Poems based on News Stories [abstract]
Antoine Louis and Gerasimos SpanakisA Statutory Article Retrieval Dataset in French [abstract]
Aron Joosse, Gökçe Kuşcu and Giovanni CassaniA bridge between form and meaning. Modeling the relation between names and attributes in fictional characters [abstract]
Ahmet Üstün, Arianna Bisazza, Gosse Bouma and Gertjan van NoordZero-shot Multilingual Dependency Parsing with Joint Typological Feature Prediction [abstract]
Beatrice SavoldiHow to Split: the Effect of Word Segmentation on Gender Bias in Speech Translation [abstract]
Jeanne Coppin, Mathieu De Coster and Joni DambreAttention analysis of a sign language recognition task on the AUTSL dataset [abstract]
Luuk Nolden and Suzan VerberneLatin scansion with neural networks [abstract]
Alex Brandsen, Suzan Verberne, Karsten Lambers and Milco WansleebenThe EXALT Project – Creating a Multilingual Entity-Based Search Engine for Archaeological Reports [abstract]
Xin Sun, Jos A. Bosch, Jos Dobber and Gert-Jan de BruijnTherapy Behavioural Codes Prediction and Dialogue Analysis using a Bilingual Motivational Interviewing Corpus [abstract]
Priscilla Postma, Rina Donker, Ruth Stam, Athalia Roorda, Andreas van Cranenburgh and Gertjan van NoordDutch Historical Spelling Normalization for Parsing and Coreference Resolution [abstract]
Sofie Labat, Thomas Demeester and Véronique HosteConversational data collection through Wizard of Oz experiments for emotion detection and stylometric analysis [abstract]

Afternoon session #1 (13:30 – 14:50)

François Remy, Stijn Dupulthys, Peter De Jaeger, Kris Demuynck and Thomas DemeeesterUnderstanding sentences in Dutch EHR: building a dataset from medical ontologies and sentence templates and leveraging it [abstract]
Chris van der Lee, Thiago Castro Ferreira, Chris Emmery, Travis Wiltshire and Emiel KrahmerComparing Semi-Supervised Learning Approaches for a Data-to-Text System Enriched with a Pretrained Language Model [abstract]
Nelleke Oostdijk and Hans van HalterenDon’t do your experiments double-blind: the importance of checking your data [abstract]
Bram M.A. van Dijk, Marco R. Spruit and Max J. van DuijnChiSCor: a corpus of freely-told Dutch fantasy narratives for research in linguistics, developmental psychology, and natural language processing [abstract]
Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Kevin Pijpers, Stefan Bastholm Andrade, Malte Lüken, Anneke Sools and Gerben WesterhofNavigating Stories [abstract]
Katrien Beuls and Paul Van EeckeA tool for exploring corpora from a semantic perspective [abstract]
Mirella De Sisto and Dimitar ShterionovSign segmentation using glosses time-stamps of the Corpus NGT [abstract]
Maud Goddefroy and Tim Van de CruysData augmentation for machine translation of sign language of the Netherlands and Flemish Sign Language [abstract]
Vincent Vandeghinste, Mirella De Sisto, Dimitar Shterionov, Aoife Brady, Mathieu De Coster, Lorraine Leeson, Josep Blat, Frankie Picron, Marcello Scipioni, Aditya Parikh, Louis ten Bosch, John O’Flaherty, Joni Dambre and Jorn RijckaertProgress, Challenges and Innovations of the SignON Project [abstract]
Jeroen WellingHuman and automatic moderation of online discussions at [abstract]
Emilie Bossens, David Geerts, Elias Storms, Michiel Nuytemans and Jan BoesmanRHETORiC: an Audience Conversation Tool that Restores Civility in News Comment Sections [abstract]
Marijn Koolen, Olivia Fialho, Julia Neugarten, Joris Van Zundert, Willen van Hage, Ole Mussmann and Peter BootWhat can Online Book Reviews Reveal about Readers and Platforms? [abstract]
Eda Saral and Raquel G. AlhamaA Topic Modeling Study of the COVID-19 Impact in an Online Eating Disorder Community in Reddit [abstract]
Mitja Nikolaus, Afra Alishahi and Grzegorz ChrupałaCartoon videos as a test-bed for grounding spoken language in vision [abstract]

Poster session #2 (14:50 – 15:50)

Thomas Boer, Jesse Tijsterman and Lan ChuLegal-RobBERT: A Dutch BERT model specific to the legal domain [abstract]
Alianda LopezWhat do Filipino speakers talk about when they switch to Tagalog? A Topic Modeling Approach [abstract]
Monique Megens and Eva VanmassenhoveGender-Based Stylometry Detection for Prominent Women on Twitter Using Machine Learning [abstract]
Yury Kashnitsky, Guillaume Roberge, Jingwen Mu, Kevin Kang, Maurice Vanderfeesten, Robert Jaworek, Maéva Vignes, Finne Boonen, Bamini Jayabalasingham, Chris James, Isabelle Labrosse, Marius Doornenbal and Maxime RivestMapping research articles to Sustainable Development Goals [abstract]
Chaïm van Toledo, Matthieu Brinkhuis and Marco SpruitReadability measures for machine translation in Dutch: Google vs Azure & IBM [abstract]
Quinten De Neve, Liesbeth Allein, Victor Milewski and Marie-Francine MoensLinguistic Bias in Dutch Language Models [abstract]
Emil Rijcken, Floortje Scheepers, Pablo Mosteiro, Kalliopi Zervanou, Marco Spruit and Uzay KaymakInterpretable Topic Modeling for Text Classification with FLSA-W [abstract]
Maaike H.T. de Boer, Romy A.N. van Drie, Roos M. Bakker and Daan VosA Hybrid Approach to Semantic Role Labelling of Dutch Law Texts [abstract]
Ayla Rigouts Terryn, Veronique Hoste and Els LefeverD-Terminer: online demo for automatic term extraction [abstract]
Hugo de Vos and Suzan VerbernePolitical corpus creation through automatic speech recognition on EU debates [abstract]
Jelte van Waterschoot, Wieke Harmsen and Iris HendrickxTo disclose or not to disclose – is talking to a personalized voicebot more fun? [abstract]
Sarah Theroine, María Isabel Rivas Ginel, Eva Vanmassenhove, Éric Poirier, Loïc Barrault, Felix Hoberg, Izabella Thomas, Lucie Bernard, Oliver Czulo and Sebastian VincentThe Corpora Games All-inclusive games machine translation [abstract]
Vageesh Saxena, Jerry Spanakis and Gijs Van DijckIdentifying & linking Darknet vendors through NLP applications [abstract]
Liesbet De Vos, Jens Nevens, Paul Van Eecke and Katrien BeulsExplainable visual question answering using procedural semantic representations and human-interpretable concepts [abstract]
Paul Van Eecke, Katrien Beuls and Jérôme Botoko EkilaInvestigating emergent communication through language games and multi-agent reinforcement learning [abstract]
Michiel van der Meer and Liesje van der LindenWhat’s Your Point? A Computational Argument Analysis on the AstraZeneca Vaccine Discussion [abstract]
Nikolay Banar, Walter Daelemans and Mike KestemontMulti-Modal Retrieval of Iconclass Codes using Deep Learning [abstract]
Jens Lemmens and Walter DaelemansCLARIAH-VL: User-friendly NLP pipelines for Researchers in the Humanities in Flanders and Beyond [abstract]
Veronica Juliana Schmalz, Katrien Beuls and Paul Van EeckeA computational construction grammar account of the interplay between argument structure and information structure in German [abstract]
Victor Milewski, Miryam de Lhoneux and Marie-Francine MoensFinding Structural Knowledge in Multimodal-BERT [abstract]
Bram Gubbels and Raquel G. AlhamaSentiment Analysis of 10-k Reports: To What Extent Do We Need Syntactic Information? [abstract]
Gauri R. Karnik and Raquel G. AlhamaDoes Domain-Specific Training improve Financial Sentiment Analysis for Stock Price Prediction? [abstract]
Jantina Schakel, Gosse Minnema and Malvina NissimWhere Was The Driver? Exploring responsibility framing in traffic news using BERTje [abstract]
Adriaan Lemmens and Vincent VandeghinstePractical Text Analysis Pipelines for Humanists with Deadlines [abstract]
Tim Brouwer, Katrien Depuydt and Jesse de DoesGaLAHaD: towards better linguistic annotation for historical Dutch [abstract]
Chunliu Wang and Johan BosComparing Neural Meaning-to-Text Approaches for Dutch [abstract]
Ryan BrateDetecting Perspectives on Population Sub-Groups in Pillarised Newspapers [abstract]
Colin Swaelens, Ilse De Vos and Els LefeverPreliminary annotation experiments on Medieval Greek [abstract]
Pieter Fivez, Walter Daelemans, Mike Kestemont, David Martens, José OramasTEXTUA: the Antwerp Text Mining Centre [abstract]
Maxime De Bruyn, Ehsan Lotfi, Jeska Buhmann and Walter DaelemansOpen-Domain Dialog Evaluation using Follow-Ups Log-Likelihood [abstract]
Rik van Noord and Antonio ToralThe MaCoCu project: Massive Collection, Curation and Evaluation of Monolingual and Bilingual Data [abstract]
Jens Van Nooten, Walter Daelemans and Andriy KosarCombining domain-adapted BERT models and statistical filtering methods for unsupervised keyword extraction from tenders [abstract]
Myrthe Reuver, Kasper Welbers, Wouter van Atteveldt, Antske Fokkens, Mariken van der Velden and Felicia LocherbachBeyond Gun Control: Creating a Dutch Stance Dataset for Diversity in News Recommendation [abstract]
Helena Balabin, Vladimir Araujo, Rik Vandenberghe and Marie-Francine MoensTowards Semantic Memory in Transformer-Based Language Models [abstract]
Lynn de Rijk and Martha LarsonWho gets to decide what is true? How ground truth is created for false information datasets and why it matters [abstract]
Felix van Deelen, Sandro Pezzelle and Tom van den BroekGenerating entity-aware image captions for a novel data set of Dutch news [abstract]
Saskia Lensink, Anne Merel Sternheim, Dominique Blok and Yori KamphuisDon’t twist my words (nay Google): Adversarial Automatic Speech Recognition [abstract]

Afternoon session #2 (15:50 – 16:30)

Konstantinos Kogkalidis and Michael MoortgatSupertagging Beyond Trees with Heterogeneous Dynamic Convolutions [abstract]
Wietse de Vries, Martijn Bartelds, Malvina Nissim and Martijn WielingLanguage Similarity in Transfer Learning: the Case of POS Tagging for Gronings and West Frisian [abstract]
Loic De Langhe, Orphée De Clercq and Veronique HosteTowards Fine(r)-Grained Identification of Coreference Resolution Types [abstract]
Arda TezcanIntegrating Fuzzy Matches into Quality Estimation of Neural Machine Translation [abstract]
Cedric Waterschoot, Antal van den Bosch and Ernst van den HemelMinority Arguments on Online Platforms: Collection, Classification and Comprehension [abstract]
Ine Gevers, Ilia Markov and Walter DaelemansLinguistic Analysis of Socially Unacceptable Discourse in Social Media [abstract]
Dion Theodoridis and Tommaso CaselliAll that Glitters Is Not Gold: Exploring the Use of Silver Data in Transfer-Learning for Dutch Offensive Language Detection [abstract]
Liesbeth Allein, Marie-Francine Moens and Domenico PerrottaTowards Ethical Fake News Detection [abstract]